Core Values

Children first, Excellence & innovation, Passion & Potency of Knowledge, Integrity & trust, Equality, Social inclusion & respect for diversity, Community & Collaboration, Fun!!!


To protect, inspire and equip children and teenagers by providing the knowledge, support, skill and environment they need to thrive maximally and contribute to positive social change.


Well-being for every child

About Us

Wit21 Hub is a novel social enterprise that focuses on beyond school competencies and operates as a CALL (Character, Aptitude, Leadership and Life) center for children and teenagers; it seeks to prepare them for a global world by guiding them to explore cutting edge innovative 21st century learning. Through the use of project based learning and competency based education, we add Life skills, learning skills and digital literacy requirements to the regular school curriculum so that our children are prepared to meet the demands of a global economy, as well as engage in good citizenship and participate fully in a vibrant and civil society. We aim to spark off a series of curiosity and ingenuity that will build in our children and teens skills that will make them adults able to initiate and adapt to change. Our scope covers the entire well being of the child; hence we foster an enabling environment for children and teens to thrive maximally by building the capacity of teachers and other child protection actors.